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I've never done this before. How does this work?
Check out my Approach page to learn more about the process.
How much does a website cost?
The same way that a home remodel varies by the materials, features required, and extent of work, the cost of a branding or website design project can vary. My website design projects include everything in my brand strategy and brand design packages and start at $5,500 for simple starter sites and range upward depending on your unique requirements. Learn more about website projects here.
How much does a logo cost?
My branding packages start at $2600 and include an in-depth brand strategy process beforehand, employing customer interviews and brand positioning research so we can understand exactly who you serve and what that audience wants to see and hear from you. 
I don't know what should go on my website, can you help?
All of my website design packages include content strategy. This entails some highly valuable time where we chat about your goals and what you want the website to do for your business. I walk you through a process that helps you determine what your site should communicate, and if you choose one of my packages that includes copywriting, you’ll have a professional writer to help you execute all of that new content. Easy peasy! 
Do you provide hosting for my site?
I do not personally provide hosting, however I have a great list of recommended hosting providers available here. Additionally my partner developer offers hosting if you'd rather have someone already familiar with your site handing the maintenance and security of your site. 
What additional costs are associated with my website?
Before we can get started on your site, you'll need to purchase a domain name and hosting (if you haven't already). You can check out my list of preferred vendors for those here. Additionally, your site may require premium plugins in order to get certain fancy features working. Don't worry, we'll alert you of any additional charges before we implement anything. Finally, you'll need to ensure that your site has someone actively monitoring it for security. Some hosting providers (including my partner developers) include this with your regular hosting subscription. Others do not. Contact me and we can chat about specifics.
How long does a project take?

Timelines can be a sticky spot when it comes to creative projects, but I'm a pretty strong stickler for holding people accountable and operating as efficiently as possible. Branding projects last about 6 weeks and branding + website projects take an average of 8-12 weeks depending on the scope of the project.

Will you write content for my site?
Your site is only as good as the content, and all the strategy work we do up-front makes a perfect segway for brining in a professional copywriter to help create the perfect engaging and persuasive content that will have people buying from you in no time. For this reason, several of my packages include content strategy and copywriting, so you’ll not only have help making your site look beautiful, but also making it purposeful through great content too. 
I already have a logo, can you design just my website?
My strategic design process often leaves clients learning all kinds of new things about their customer and their market, so for this reason I prefer to work with businesses that are looking for a more ground-up approach. However I do take a limited number of website-only projects on a case-by-case basis. Contact me today for availability. 

Do you design Squarespace sites?
No. While Squarespace is the perfect platform for businesses just starting out who want to DIY their site and get something up and running quickly, the platform has limited capability and may not grow with you as your business grows. All my sites are custom designed and built on WordPress, a platform that powers 25% of sites across the web. Everything is built with current industry best practices and standards in mind, and will allow you the flexibility to add and update as your business grows.

Will you teach me how to use my site?
My partner developer will provide you with a personalized online training session after your site launches to go over the features and capabilities of your site. After that time, the developer will be available on an hourly basis to provide you with technical support and assistance.

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