Sending Love to My Galentines

Atlanta Portrait Photographer Angie Webb

There’s just something about friends. 

Close enough to be family, but unlike blood relatives, you get to pick ’em.

Sea Island Georgia Portrait Photographer Angie Webb
Paige of Pink Clutch Blog and Krystine Edwards at The Park St. Simons

There with you to celebrate the triumphs and drown the sorrows of your defeat in cookie dough and tequila…sometimes at the same time.

They’ve got your back whether you’re wrong or right, and trust me, they aren’t afraid to call you out when you’re wrong.

Atlanta Portrait Photographer Angie Webb

I’m so thankful to Leslie Knope for creating the amazing holiday known as Galentine’s Day. And yes, I’m a day late to the party, but you bet your boots I’m still celebrating.  

Atlanta Food Photographer Angie Webb
Chantelle and the Atlys Team at Urban Tree Cidery

Because I get by with a little help from my friends….
I get by with A LOT of help from my friends.

Atlanta Portrait Photographer Angie Webb
Sisters Kristin and Katelyn of STAT Wellness

In this particular season of my life, I’ve found myself between crisis after crisis. The last few months have brought with them many sleepless nights, tears cried, and tantrums thrown.

Atlanta Portrait Photographer Angie Webb
Sarah Bray, Freelance Writer and Elizabeth Cook, Domino Media Group

Maybe one day I’ll tell you all about it, but today’s not that day. Today I want to celebrate in the midst of the darkness I feel. Because one thing this difficult period has taught me is that people need other people.

Atlanta Portrait Photographer Angie Webb
Shot for Honeysuckle Gelato with Atlys Media

So yes, maybe all these holidays are silly commercialized excuses to drink rose and eat too much chocolate. But if there’s one thing in life worth celebrating it’s the love the people have for each other. Whether it’s galentine’s or valentine’s or something in between, I’m thankful for all the beautiful souls that make up the fabric of my life.

Atlanta Portrait Photographer Angie Webb
Shot for Perimeter School with Orange Identity

Happy whatever ‘tine’s day my friends!

Atlanta Portrait Photographer Angie Webb