Atlanta Product Photography: 3 Bros Cookies

Atlanta Product photography, 3 Bros Cookies

If you’ve been to Netherlands or have Dutch roots, you have to know about a stroopwafel. I first learned what a stroopwafel was while on vacation in Amsterdam and realized how delicious they are! 3 Bros brings a taste of Dutch culture to Atlanta, Georgia. They’re even made in Georgia, as most stroopwafels are imported from Europe.

Product photographer Atlanta, 3 Bros Cookies

3 Bros has such a sweet story! Their dad wanted to show the brothers part of his Dutch culture one day with stroopwafels, but had a hard time finding them in Georgia that lived up to the hype. Between their dad’s recipe and mom’s cooking, they knew they had a hit on their hands. It’s been full speed ahead from there! Read more about their story here.

Atlanta product photography, 3 Bros Cookies

Together we created marketing images for 3 Bros that can serve many purposes beyond their initial launch. We even made sure to include some fun ones for their social media pages! I created a 3 part shoot for them; with lifestyle models showing their Southern American roots, styled product in studio, and an ingredient-centric shoot with a food stylist. We covered all the bases for their upcoming marketing needs!

Social media photography Atlanta, 3 Bros Cookies

For the shoot, we also worked with a local coffee shop, Ground and Pound. Ground and Pound sells 3 Bros Cookies, so be sure to stop by and pick some up when you’re in the Alpharetta area!

Product photography Atlanta, 3 Bros Cookies, Ground and Pound, Ground and Pound Alpharetta

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