Atlanta Product Photography: cameoko jewelry


cameoko jewelry is a resin jewelry line hand-crafted by the owner and maker, Camille Kohler in Atlanta, Georgia. The end result of each piece is truly one-of-a-kind.

With a jewelry line in particular, the emphasis is on presenting the product in a clear and accurate manner that is true to the brand. Ensuring that the colors, textures, and shapes are represented faithfully in each image is key. Camille wanted something different from her current photography but still wanted to keep the classic muted colors that are a signature to her brand’s existing photography style. We integrated hard lighting and fun play with shadows to jazz up the composition and give it a punchy summertime feel. So now it feels different but still complements her existing library of photography and she can update it piece by piece as she goes rather than having to do a full overhaul.

With this shoot, we took advantage of my home studio. Doing a product shoot in my home studio makes it super easy for clients because they simply ship me the products, I capture them, they choose from a variety of virtual proofing options, and I ship the product directly back to them! It makes the process of the shoot seamless and easy. It also allows me to work with product-based businesses outside of the Atlanta area without traveling. And gives clients an opportunity to be as hands-on as they’d like in the process without having to spend precious time physically at a shoot.

My home studio option is perfect for people who may have been DIY-ing their product photography. But now they are ready to make the leap to outsourcing. It takes the burden off their plate for them to focus on what they do best. And for Camille of cameoko, that is creating beautiful resin jewelry.
Camille actually went to school for photography and has a great eye for it. However, she wanted to focus more on what she loves doing, which is making jewelry. So she made the decision to outsource her e-commerce photography. Even though she had some amazing images of her jewelry line already, she wanted to see what kind of images would come out of outsourcing to a professional product photographer.

cameoko is small batch resin jewelry. It is meticulously crafted by combining pigments, botanicals, crushed precious and semi-precious gemstones, & crystals. It has beautiful flecks of gold, copper, and silver. I absolutely fell in love with all of her designs.

It was a lot of fun working on this project for Camille. Together we created a bunch of different concepts for her jewelry line. Now, she has a fresh set of images to use for her wholesale catalog and e-commerce store on her website.

I highly recommend checking out cameoko if, like me, you enjoy unique accessories. Camille’s jewelry is whimsical, bespoke, and always evolving.

Quality e-commerce product photos are essential to selling your product. From your website to social media, every product-based business truly could benefit from them. If you’re interested in collaborating together, fill out my contact form and we can get the conversation started.