Paige Minear + Steve McKenzie Celebrating with Jackson Morgan Cream

Atlanta food photographer

I thought I’d interrupt your daily dose of COVID-19 news to bring something sunnier your way from more social days gone by! Last summer, I worked with Paige Minear of The Pink Clutch Blog and painter/designer/all around creative genius Steve McKenzie to capture their color summer soiree! 

Atlanta Interior Designer Steve McKenzie

Paige and Steve worked together to create a dessert-centered menu utilizing Jackson Morgan Southern Cream. Jackson Morgan makes carefully curated craft whiskey creams in a variety of Southern-inspired flavors. 

Jackson Morgan cream recipes

My personal fave Jackson Morgan flavor is Salted Caramel of course. Lucky for me, Steve integrated it into a glaze recipe which he spooned over his grandmother’s pound cake. To say it was divine would be an understatement. 

Steve McKenzie Atlanta decorating cake with Jackson Morgan Cream

Paige crafted home made Orange ice cream. As a homemade ice cream connoisseur, I was very proud of her. The flavor harkened back to the orangesicles of my childhood and was perfect for a hot Atlanta summer day. 

Paige Minear ice cream recipe with Jackson Morgan Cream
Jackson Morgan Cream Orange

True to form, Paige and Steve couldn’t just make a beautiful spread of food with Jackson Morgan Cream. They had to decorate for the part as well. These two design gurus paired their culinary creations with colorful candles from Creative Candles, a custom arrangement made with Trader Joe’s floral finds by Steve, and Mottahedeh China

Creative Candles party with Jackson Morgan Cream
Trader Joe's flowers

In this world of uncertainty and social distancing, I’m missing my friends. I can’t wait for the time when we can all celebrate and get together once again. Until then, it’s a great time to perfect those recipes and daydream decor for the perfect party. 

Paige Minear and Steve McKenzie cooking with Jackson Morgan Cream