Atlanta Branded Stock Photography: Keller Williams First Atlanta

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When Stephen, the art director at Keller Williams First Atlanta reached out because they were redoing their website and wanted something more elevated and unique than stock photography, I was excited to dive in.

I’ve worked with Stephen previously when we he worked with Nimble. For Nimble, I did a suite of custom stock imagery that they could use on their website and other marketing materials. When Stephen started his new role as an Art Director at Keller Williams, he wanted to do something similar as he’d witnessed firsthand the value custom stock photos brought to Nimble.

Stephen and I planned together all the various people and concepts they would need to showcase on their website. Stephen then went to other decision makers at Keller Williams First Atlanta to finalize a shot list of everything they needed to include on the website, as well as some custom stock photos that would be nice to have for their other marketing materials.

For the photoshoot, we worked with their employees to set up scenarios being in a meeting, working on a computer, doing a group huddle, sitting at a desk, or collaborating between teams.

None of their competition will be using the same stock photos as they do, because they are tailor made to the Keller Williams First Atlanta brand. Their custom stock photography is useful for any of any of their marketing materials. The best part is it has images of their own employees so clients can recognize their friendly faces and build recognition.

With custom stock photography for your business, you can ensure that every aspect of the custom stock photos are on brand. For this shoot, the team had to wear certain colors on the shoot day so that it coordinated with all of the branding they have worked so hard to cultivate. These photos ensure that every aspect of the imagery on their website reinforces their branding and image.

You don’t have to worry about digging through all the different stock photography websites for hours on end to look for something that fits, because custom stock photos are tailor made for your business.

We are also able to illustrate very specific concepts, not just generalized ideas. We did the shoot at the Keller Williams First Atlanta office so potential clients can see what the environment looks like. It gives us the opportunity to reenact what would go on in an actual meeting at their office, so it fits their industry specifics and is appropriate for their business.

With custom stock photos, you’re also able to control the message within the imagery from people’s expression to the tone of visual voice. You are in complete control of the setting. You don’t have to worry about finding a stock photo and making it fit.
Custom stock photography will stand the test of time a lot better, look more polished and professional on their website, and be a better overall experience for all of their website visitors.

I had such a great time working with Stephen and the team! Check out Keller Williams First Atlanta’s updated website to see these custom stock photos in action.

Keller Williams First Atlanta

If you’d like to create custom, branded stock photography for your business’ website and marketing materials, I’d love to work with you! Contact me to start planning your shoot today.

Keller Williams First Atlanta