Best Atlanta Digitechs

Digitechs Behind the scenes at a photoshoot, BTS

Picture this, you’ve pulled together the best stylists, rented a great studio, and worked hard to make an amazing photoshoot possible. Now, you have a whole team of people weighing in on decisions, and you’re huddled around a tiny laptop screen trying to review the images! This is life without a Digital Image Technician (Digitech for short), and it’s no life I want to live. Not having a Digitech on set can slow down the process of proofing, and because the photographer or their assistant must keep the laptop maintained it can slow down the process of shooting too.

What Are A Digitech’s Responsibilities During A Photoshoot?

Digitechs are responsible for many technical components on the shoot day. They typically have their own equipment they bring along to the shoot that includes at least one large computer screen and often a few external monitors. That way as the pictures are being captured they are being displayed on the screens for everyone to comfortably view. As the client, you can sit back, relax, and input approvals without standing around a small laptop screen. You can also get some of your other work done too!

They are also responsible for backing up the photos. Digitechs keep an archive of the photos after the shoot is completed to ensure they arrive to the client safely. When a hard drive of raw files is the final deliverable of the photoshoot, the digitech takes care of doing that and making sure it gets in the correct hands safely.

Digitechs also help keep the files organized throughout the day. They help rename the images, mark the ones the client has selected, and generally keep things organized so the photographer or the client doesn’t have to worry about sifting through everything after the shoot.

They may also help with troubleshooting with the camera if something goes wrong, but digitechs are very tech savvy in nature so they can help with anything technical-wise on the shoot day. They often are the Swiss Army knives of crew members!

Essentially, digitechs makes everyone else’s job on the set easier. They take additional responsibilities off of the photographer and they can help stylists toggle between different photo options for set ups. For mid to larger shoots, I always recommend hiring a digitech to ensure the day goes smoothly!

The Best Atlanta Digitechs

Jeff Wolk

Jeff is a very talented digitech that I have had the pleasure working with on a handful of shoots. His knowledge of cameras, software, and tech in general has came in handy at every shoot. You can learn more about Jeff on his website.

DJ Ashley

I’ve also had the pleasure of working with DJ Ashley on a handful of shoots. He brings a lot of value to every shoot he works on. You can learn more about DJ on his website.