Best Atlanta Photography Studios

Best Atlanta Photography Studios

Choosing a photography studio can be challenging, especially in Atlanta because there are so many options. A studio can make a major difference in a photoshoot. It’s important to find a space that matches the essence you are trying to capture in the shoot. There are so many great Atlanta photography studios and it can be difficult to find the best on the Internet, so I put together a list of my top favorite photo studios in Atlanta:

Blanc Studio West

I like Blanc Studio because it’s a perfect mix of a traditional blank slate studio space and an environmental residential space so it has furniture, a kitchen, and a bedroom setup perfect for clients looking to mimic a real life home space with the benefit of beautiful white walls and a dramatic floor to ceiling wall of windows.

Treehouse Studios

Treehouse is a perfect all-in-one studio fully equipped for all the needs of a larger scale photoshoot, including a kitchen which is a bonus for many of my clients. I love it because it’s a true production studio but does have some natural light coming in as well. The studio is also conveniently located near Atlantic Station.

Photoplex Studios

Personally, I love this studio because it’s OTP! Photoplex is located near me in Alpharetta. It has all the capabilities of an in-town studio including a loading dock for easily loading in larger products and production equipment. Plus the OTP location is easily accessible from 400 and has lots of parking, which is something you won’t see at many Atlanta studios. The suburban location also boasts slightly more reasonable rates than the average city studio.

Park Studios

Park Studios is perfect for clients who want a blank canvas, but still want something that feels a bit more homey than a traditional studio. It has unique flooring and wall options, and also offers natural light capabilities.

Studio at Stillwell

Studio at Stillwell has a huge industrial kitchen that is perfect for any of my food-centric clients. It is equipped with a loading dock and full cyc wall. This is a great space for photographing larger products and is convenient to Piedmont Park.

Telephone Factory Lofts

Telephone Factory Lofts offers a unique space particularly for portrait or product work where you’d like to create a lot of variety in a short amount of time. This space offers multiple rooms and sets to create unique environments, including furniture, so there’s lots of versatility.

Vera Loft

Vera Loft offers a clean and modern look for any shoot. It also has tons of natural light! They also have a kitchen and sink which is a bonus for most of my clients. It’s also super convenient, because it’s right on the Beltline. Here’s an example of a lifestyle product photoshoot I did at Vera.

Rent a Home, Restaurant, Office…You Name it!

For clients needing a residential, office, or commercial environment, websites like Peerspace and Giggster have great locations in Atlanta rentable by the hour for photoshoots. Whether you’re looking for a mansion, boardroom, or a bar, these websites have you covered.

Rent a Show Home

For clients desiring a residential setting for their photoshoot but requiring a more upscale and elevated feel, I love the properties on Home Studio List. Like Giggster and Peerspace, Home Studio List offers residential properties for rent by the hour, however properties on their site go through a more intense vetting process in order to be listed on the site, so the level of decor and design is typically much higher.

I hope this list helps you choose between the different Atlanta photography studios for your upcoming shoot!