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Atlanta Headshot Photographer

A New Year, a New Brand: Atlanta Life Coach Photographer

A new year is upon us! That means we’ve all rolled out the red carpet for the resolution dujour. As a textbook Type A goal-oriented …

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Bri Photography Florida

2020: Emotional Motion Sickness

When I think about my life as a whole, I see myself as one of those Russian nesting dolls. Each season of my life has …

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Savannah Bee Company Fall Recipes

Savannah Bee Company // Fall recipes

I know you’ve probably well moved onto Christmas by now, but the truth is, it’s still Fall! And if you’re a lover of all things …

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Atlanta cocktail photographer

Punch Bartender in Residence: ORESTES CRUZ // Empire State South ATLANTA

I did it again! Last month I had the amazing opportunity to work with and be featured in Punch Online’s Bartender in Residence feature, this …

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Savannah bee company honey sampler

The 2020 Small Business Gift Holiday Guide

It’s arguably more important this year than ever to shop small. Our beloved entrepreneurs have been rocked and wrecked by all the uncertainty and chaos …

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Atlanta cocktail photographer

Punch Bartender In Residence: Alec Bales // Ticonderoga Club Atlanta

When I received a call from Punch about shooting their October Bartender in Residence I was so excited! Punch is a Brooklyn-based online magazine chronicling …

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