Grace For the New Year

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Last year, I wrote a year-end post about the importance of community and bearing each other’s burdens. You can read it here. It’s now officially almost 2018. Another trip around the sun. And after a year of work, family, life, counseling, grief, celebration, and strife, I want to sit down with my 2017 self and … Read more

This is 31: Procrastibaking

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you must write. yourself. before you can write anything else. —nejma nayyirah waheed Today is my birthday, and I’m not sure how to feel about it. Something about hitting your third decade and being a woman makes you feel like you’re suddenly holding the plastic disc in Catchphrase. Now there’s this timer and it’s beeping … Read more

Going Away and Coming Home

Abiquiu New Mexico sunset

It started innocently enough. At the beginning of the year, my mom and I decided to finally make the pilgrimage to Abiquiu, New Mexico to take a class with our nearest and dearest clay teacher, Debra Fritts. Debra and her husband Frank have a phenomenal home/gallery/studio in the middle of what’s lovingly referred to as … Read more

The View From Here

Atlanta Commercial Photographer

“Curiosity is a clue. Follow that clue. Trust it. See where curiosity will lead you next. Following that scavenger hunt of curiosity can lead you to amazing, unexpected places.”-Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic The blessing and curse of this whole entrepreneur thing, is that it really is just like a choose your own adventure book. On … Read more

The Way I’m Made to Feel

Jordana Dale portrait Atlanta

It was as if I woke up on January 1st, 2018 and someone had turned the lights off. My surroundings, my life was completely the same, but everything felt different. I couldn’t find my bearings in once familiar spaces. When that switch flipped off, I was no longer me, but a really lost confused, teenager-like … Read more

2018 Manifesto: Carry On

Carry On t-shirt

2017. Whew, what was your deal? I checked out of my room in Mandalay Bay and less than two weeks later a mass murderer was sniping at innocent concert goers from a few floors below where I had been leisurely lounging, editing photos, and eating snacks just a few weeks prior. We puttered away from … Read more

Sea Snails & Identity Crises

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I was recently reading a novel that described the way of life of the violet sea snail. Stay with me here, I promise it’s relevant. You see, the violet sea snail survives by floating around the ocean. Snails don’t float so, this smarty pants mollusk constructs a raft. The snail blows a bunch of bubbles, … Read more

A Farewell to the Industry That Grew Me

Angie Webb Suburbanite Photography

(This post originally appeared on my lifestyle photography site, I’d be hard pressed to find anything that has taken me so quickly and deeply as photography. From the moment I first picked up my dad’s hand-me-down film SLR in the eighth grade, I was completely captivated, and it never stopped. I felt a draw … Read more

Dreaming Big About Playing Small

Las Vegas hotel

I am a Matryoshka doll. You know, those wooden nesting figures of decreasing size placed one inside another? Each day I carry with me who I am right now, and who I was last year, and the girl I used to be a decade ago. It can get heavy sometimes, but it’s actually quite fascinating … Read more