Small Bites of the Apple

Atlanta-based food and product photographer Angie Webb

This year’s birthday echoes the sounds of the last few— unremarkable, shoved in between various obligations and activities, and another reminder of the ever-accelerating nature of time. I think that when I look back on the topography of my life, the last few years will be represented by lots of bumps, chasms, murky waters, and … Read more

The Work We Do

My 33rd year will forever be marked by the way it turned my life upside down. Pandemic, pregnancy, prolonged hospital stay, and postpartum…fog? anxiety? depression? who knows…in that order. There have been so many beautiful and important milestones sprinkled in, but as a serial pessimist, the scary and sad and volatile moments always seem to … Read more

The Reckless Art of Letting Go

In writing about this past year, where do I begin? Should I start with the home-shattering conflict that led to a dismal, lonely, and grief-filled holiday season and many sleepless nights for my household?  Maybe it’s better if I start with the scene where I’m crying alone in the public bathroom of the nicest hotel … Read more

Small Business + COVID-19: What Separates Survivors From THrivers

Lonely flower in shadow and light

When the bottom fell out earlier this month, and we went from business as usual to toilet-paper-hoarding, grocery-stockpiling, indefinitely-homebound psychopaths, any false sense of a roadmap about how to do life and business went out the window. I watched my inbox fill with cancellations, and lamented with my other small business friends as they voiced … Read more

Kat Lewis : Atlanta Musician Photographer

Atlanta Musician in Piedmont Park

Whew, ya’ll. What a crazy past few weeks we have had. I can’t believe how much life has changed over the last few weeks. As I was deciding what to blog this week, my mind immediately went to this shoot I did recently with my friend Kat, musician extraordinaire. Kat was kind enough to help … Read more

Sending Love to My Galentines

Atlanta Portrait Photographer Angie Webb

There’s just something about friends.  Close enough to be family, but unlike blood relatives, you get to pick ’em. There with you to celebrate the triumphs and drown the sorrows of your defeat in cookie dough and tequila…sometimes at the same time. They’ve got your back whether you’re wrong or right, and trust me, they … Read more

Strength Means Blessed With an Enemy

angie webb italy

2018 kicked my ass. In 2019, I took my power back. Every story has a villain, and coming into 2019, I had plenty of reasons to feel under attack. My life decidedly did not fit anymore. I had spent the last…six months? year? two years? battling chronic health issues that were at their best uncomfortable … Read more