The Reckless Art of Letting Go

In writing about this past year, where do I begin? Should I start with the home-shattering conflict that led to a dismal, lonely, and grief-filled holiday season and many sleepless nights for my household?  Maybe it’s better if I start with the scene where I’m crying alone in the public bathroom of the nicest hotel … Read more

Small Business + COVID-19: What Separates Survivors From THrivers

Lonely flower in shadow and light

When the bottom fell out earlier this month, and we went from business as usual to toilet-paper-hoarding, grocery-stockpiling, indefinitely-homebound psychopaths, any false sense of a roadmap about how to do life and business went out the window. I watched my inbox fill with cancellations, and lamented with my other small business friends as they voiced … Read more

Sending Love to My Galentines

Atlanta Portrait Photographer Angie Webb

There’s just something about friends.  Close enough to be family, but unlike blood relatives, you get to pick ’em. There with you to celebrate the triumphs and drown the sorrows of your defeat in cookie dough and tequila…sometimes at the same time. They’ve got your back whether you’re wrong or right, and trust me, they … Read more

Strength Means Blessed With an Enemy

angie webb italy

2018 kicked my ass. In 2019, I took my power back. Every story has a villain, and coming into 2019, I had plenty of reasons to feel under attack. My life decidedly did not fit anymore. I had spent the last…six months? year? two years? battling chronic health issues that were at their best uncomfortable … Read more

This is 32: Grounded in the Sky

angie webb portrait

Tomorrow I will be 32. I am older than I’ve ever been before, and I truly believe I am finding my way toward freedom.  Every year I post a birthday blog. If you read last year’s you know it found me in a weird place. Feeling really alone.  But okay with it…kinda?  To be honest, … Read more

This is 31: Procrastibaking

Angie Webb Photographer

you must write. yourself. before you can write anything else. —nejma nayyirah waheed Today is my birthday, and I’m not sure how to feel about it. Something about hitting your third decade and being a woman makes you feel like you’re suddenly holding the plastic disc in Catchphrase. Now there’s this timer and it’s beeping … Read more

Going Away and Coming Home

Abiquiu New Mexico sunset

It started innocently enough. At the beginning of the year, my mom and I decided to finally make the pilgrimage to Abiquiu, New Mexico to take a class with our nearest and dearest clay teacher, Debra Fritts. Debra and her husband Frank have a phenomenal home/gallery/studio in the middle of what’s lovingly referred to as … Read more

The View From Here

Atlanta Commercial Photographer

“Curiosity is a clue. Follow that clue. Trust it. See where curiosity will lead you next. Following that scavenger hunt of curiosity can lead you to amazing, unexpected places.”-Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic The blessing and curse of this whole entrepreneur thing, is that it really is just like a choose your own adventure book. On … Read more