Watering The Weeds

Angie Webb garden carrots

Those of you who follow me on Instagram or who read this previous post of mine may already know about my 2017 adventures in gardening. Relying heavily on ill-advised gut instincts and Google searches, I’ve managed to design and build a garden full of summer veggies, petite blooms, and other miscellaneous flora despite the best … Read more

Grounded In The Stars

Angie Webb Making Things Happen Conference

It is 2006. I am teetering on the overused legs of a mass produced dorm chair three hours from home in a tiny slice of living space I’ll share with someone I just met five minutes ago. The desk electrical outlet shorts out on the metal edging of our desk and shocks my fingers when … Read more

Stop the Glorification of Sweatpants

Madison Beaulieu holding a tray

If you’ve ever been on Pinterest or Instagram or if you ever play in the entrepreneurial space, you’ve probably seen this quote somewhere in an inspirational image or a well-intentioned tweet.     I’ve got a new variation of this for you. And before you freak out about how much you love your leggings and … Read more

Room To Thrive

Angie Webb garden tomatoes

Our house used to belong to an avid gardener. He died many years ago, and the yard was not maintained by his spouse, so we know nothing its glory days. But every time we meet a new neighbor, all we hear about is how beautiful it used to be. This guy was extremely detail-oriented. The … Read more

The Power of Me Too

the power of me too

Last month I sat at a coffee shop waiting for a client. Just down the aisle of tables sat a group of young women about my age. They were excitedly chatting and laughing, and I couldn’t help but hear every word of their conversation in the otherwise quiet cafe. I gathered from their words that … Read more

On Running, Walking, and Standing Still: 2016

on standing still

I’ve realized running your own business is a lot like a hot dog eating contest. Year One is all about getting started. You run out of the gate chomping with excitement. The world is your oyster (or hot dog), and you take in everything you can, noshing away at the plethora of opportunities the world … Read more

What a Realist Taught Me About Magic


  I’m married to a realist. He just can’t help himself. It’s crucial that every pathway of our lives, every decision, every conversation be grounded in what is true, what can be proven, and what is logical. It’s noble really. As a logic-lover myself, I find it quite endearing. Until I get to the part … Read more

The Things That Keep Us Awake at Night

go and do

[Note: this blog post is a goody, but if you are just here for the contest announcement and don’t want to read this post I won’t be offended! The announcement about the contest winner is at the end of this post : ) ]   The night after Thanksgiving, we huddled around a dining room … Read more

An Open Letter to All the Pictures I Never Took

the photos i never took

You’ve taken many forms. The “oh it might rain, I should leave my gear in the car” moments. The last straws before surely my husband will file for divorce if I ask him to stop the car for one more glimpse of a sunset or a field of horses. The situations where I’m just tired … Read more

Year One: The Year of Not Walking Away

year one Angie Webb in Sedona Arizona

When I sat down to write my recap of my first year as a full-time freelancer, I wanted to write something uplifting and beautiful. I wanted to show you all the interesting projects I’ve worked on, and leave you with an inspirational tidbit leaving you inspired and uplifted. That’s what I wanted to do. I … Read more