Sea Snails & Identity Crises

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I was recently reading a novel that described the way of life of the violet sea snail. Stay with me here, I promise it’s relevant. You see, the violet sea snail survives by floating around the ocean. Snails don’t float so, this smarty pants mollusk constructs a raft. The snail blows a bunch of bubbles, … Read more

A Farewell to the Industry That Grew Me

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(This post originally appeared on my lifestyle photography site, I’d be hard pressed to find anything that has taken me so quickly and deeply as photography. From the moment I first picked up my dad’s hand-me-down film SLR in the eighth grade, I was completely captivated, and it never stopped. I felt a draw … Read more

Dreaming Big About Playing Small

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I am a Matryoshka doll. You know, those wooden nesting figures of decreasing size placed one inside another? Each day I carry with me who I am right now, and who I was last year, and the girl I used to be a decade ago. It can get heavy sometimes, but it’s actually quite fascinating … Read more